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Your digital images

USB boxes to store your digital images


You’ll receive your digital images on a rustic wooden USB with every package and two first digital collections.

The biggest digital collection comes with your images on a bottle glass USB, in a beautiful, personalised wooden box with names and dates engraved. Even better – It all also comes with 20 professional prints 6x4inch.

Prepare yourselves to fall in love with this products.

Caring for your digital images:

Regardless of whether the images are from your professional photography session or those you have created yourself, caring for them is so very important.

Store your digital media in a place that is safe from liquid, dust, or anything that can cause it to be damaged.

Even if the flash drive is intended as a back up storage device, it’s a good idea to upload your images someplace else in the event of a flash drive does crash .

After use, do not remove the flash drive immediately from the USB port. Make it a practice to always use “safely remove” procedure before pulling it out of the USB port. Without using this procedure, the computer is still reading the flash disk. Regularly pulling it while in this process will slowly destroy the disk until it can no longer open.

And last, but definitely not least – print, print and one more time print! Having your images on USB drive is a great thing, but leaving them in digital form only, makes no sense and in fact, it is very sad. It’s amazing to be able to view all your images whenever you wish, show them to your loved ones or share them on social media, like Facebook or Instagram.

Without a doubt though, there is nothing more beautiful than a print. There is a completely different level of emotions building up when you holding a print in your hands. And you know it! Especially when the time have passed, you’ve changed and your children are not so small any more.